Wednesday, June 7, 2017

CRAGG Live with Actor Jon Gries - June 3rd, 2017 (Post Show Notes)

CRAGG Live - June 3rd, 2017 (Post Show Notes)

Guest:  Jon Gries

With over 130 acting credits on his resume, CRAGG Live was honored that actor Jon Gries found some time out of his busy schedule to join us for this week's live show!  Join us as we chat with Jon Gries about his early start in the business, with his first acting role being in a film directed by his father!  During our 45 minute interview, we discuss Jon's extensive career, including his memorable roles in films like TerrorVision, Swap Meet, Joysticks, Fright Night 2, and of course, as Uncle Rico in Napoleon Dynamite!

Plus, we take some time to discuss, in detail, Jon's new film appearance in Blake Freeman's "All About The Money", starring Jon Gries, Danny Trejo, Eddie Griffin, Lin Shaye, Casper Van Dien and many more!

Listeners even get to hear from Jon's bird.. no.. really... we're serious!  Listen in to find out what we're talking about!  If you want to hear the interview with Jon Gries only, and not the entire 4 hour radio show, click HERE

PLUS stay tuned after our interview with Jon Gries to hear:
  • Our extended review of Twin Peaks: The Return
  • CRAGG Rock with Ghosty's guest singer Dodie Stevens
  • Pickel's Picks - This week's review of "Tremors 5"
  • Genre headlines:  THE HULK vs. FLASH GORDON
  • Music, Stories, & So Much More!

If you missed the show, catch it here:

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

CRAGG Live with Dick "Daddy Dewdrop" Monda - May 27th, 2017 (Post Show Notes)

CRAGG Live - May 27th, 2017 (Post Show Notes)

Guest:  Dick Monda aka "Daddy Dewdrop"

So many times an actor known as a "character actor" is downplayed in their celebrity status...even though THESE are the actors that you remember distinctly, even for their minimal moments on screen.  The same can be said for musical artists who are given the label "one hit wonders".  We here at Cult Radio don't think that this label should come with any kind of negative connotation.  In fact, it should be a badge of HONOR... (even one hit is more than MOST people have had) and there is NO denying that these songs are undoubtedly the songs that stick with you and replay over and over in the memory of your lives. 
In this episodes, join us as we chat with the singer/songwriter Dick Monda (aka Daddy Dewdrop), a notable, multi-recording artist who is perhaps best known for his hit song Chick-A-Boom (Don't Ya Jes Love It)...

Listen in as we talk with Daddy Dewdrop himself for approx an hour and discuss everything from his early career as a vaudeville performer and a child actor (including in "The Eddie Cantor Story") to the genesis of "Chick-A-Boom".  Find out exactly how Chick-A-Boom is connected to the Filmation TV Show "Sabrina and the Groovie Goolies" and how one of Daddy Dewdrop's songs came to be recorded by The Beatles' Ringo Starr.  Plus, get an update on Daddy Dewdrop's current and upcoming musical projects!  Make sure to visit Daddy Dewdrop online at  If you'd like to hear only the interview with Dick 'Daddy Dewdrop' Monda, click HERE

PLUS stay tuned to hear Ghosty's CRAGG Rock segment for the week, paying tribute to Sir Roger Moore.

At the end of CRAGG Live, we treat listeners to a special interview session with Terry & Tiffany DuFoe where THEY are interviewed by previous Cult Radio host Rustbucket.  Hear/learn everything you wanted to know about Terry and Tiff... but were afraid to ask in these candid interview segments (circa 2011)!

If you missed the show, catch it here:

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

CRAGG Live with Thomas Graham & George McGowarn - May 20th, 2017 (Post Show Notes)

CRAGG Live - May 20th, 2017 (Post Show Notes) 

Guests:  Thomas Graham & George McGowan

 Cult Radio offers yet another special themed show this week as we focus in on the world of classic horror & monsters!  Listen in to hear our all classic horror and movie monster themed show as we play ghoulish grooves during the entire four hour show, plus offer monstrous guests to boot!

As we journey down the cavernous dungeons of horror movie monsters, films and collectibles, we make our first interview stop with guest Thomas Graham, author of the book "Aurora Model Kits with Polar Lights, Moebius, Atlantis".  In its 3rd edition, this book provides a candid history of the Aurora Plastics Corporation and a collectors guide to all Aurora Model kits, including the originals and the reissues, and what their values are in present day.  A must have for ALL model kit and figure kit aficionados.  Click HERE to read reviews of the book and find out how to get your own copy today!  To go RIGHT to the interview with Thomas Graham (only), click HERE.

For those of you who's avid collecting includes but goes way beyond model/figure kits, our second guest for the evening will satiate your monster kid thirst.  Listen in as we are joined by collector extraordinaire George McGowan of  George chats with us for approximately a monster about being a monster kid himself and the ins and outs of... well... collecting classic monsters!  We discuss everything from rare and ultra valuable collectible items to the state of horror films (and remakes) today.  To listen to George's interview directly without listening through the entire show, click HERE.
Plus, make sure to tune in throughout for the rest of the show to hear additional segments like:
  • Ghosty's weekly segment (coming to you this week with a mini-Retro Radio Diner featuring Rachel Wise) 
  • Pickel's Picks with this week's review of "The Last Survivors" (2014)

If you missed the show, catch the entire show here:

Sunday, May 14, 2017

CRAGG Live with Jackson Bostwick & Michael Gray - May 6th, 2017 (Post Show Notes)

CRAGG Live - May 6th, 2017 (Post Show Notes) 

Guests:  Jackson Bostwick & Michael Gray

Cult Radio offers another special themed show this week!  Listen in to hear our all superhero themed Shazam Show Special!  The entire four hour show is a caped crusade down the path of your favorite childhood superheroes and heroines!  We focus in on the Filmation TV show Shazam! (with the hero Captain Marvel).  We start out by giving a brief history of Filmation Studios and of course we give you a crash course on the Marvel universe of Captain Marvel!  Then we move on to chat with the hero's themselves:

Our first guest for the evening is Jackson Bostwick, who played the first incarnation of Captain Marvel on Shazam!  Jackson speaks with us about his work on the series and also his work on other major projects, like Disney's "Tron".  Make sure to visit Jackson Bostwick online by going HERE and if you want to hear Jackson Bostwick's interview with us (the interview only), you can listen HERE

Second up, we chat with Captain Marvel's human counterpart... The Incredible Hulk was nothing without Bruce Banner... and Captain Marvel begins journeys every time with Billy Batson!  Listen in as we talk with actor Michael Gray who played young Billy Batson on Shazam!  Join us as we chat about his life working on the show and also his journey through the insanity of being a teen idol.  Plus, we discuss other projects from Michael's career including The Brian Keith Show, The Brady Bunch, and so much more! Make sure to stop by Facebook and say hi to Michael by clicking HERE  If you want to hear just Michael's interview from our show, click HERE

If you missed the show, catch the entire show here:

Saturday, May 6, 2017

CRAGG Live with Dawn Moore & Pat "Redbone" Vegas - April 29th, 2017 (Post Show Notes)

CRAGG Live - April 29th, 2017 (Post Show Notes)

Guests:  Dawn Moore & Pat "Redbone" Vegas

Cult Radio offers a special themed show this week... so join us for our "Cowboys & Indians" show with our featured guests Dawn Moore & Pat Vegas.  Our first guest (representing the cowboys) is Dawn Moore, the daughter of Clayton Moore who of course is immortalized as The Long Ranger!  Dawn chats with us for almost an hour talking about her dad Clayton, his life and his legacy.  Tune in to hear fun stories including anecdotes of Jay "Tonto" Silverheels, Clayton's battle to  continue wearing The Lone Ranger mask even after the show was over and much more.

 Then, to proudly represent our Indians' side of the show, we welcome Pat Vegas from the Native American band Redbone.  Pat joins us for an extensive interview to discuss his early career in the Los Angeles rock scene along with his brother Lolly Vegas, including appearances in films like Arch Hall's "The Nasty Rabbit" and "It's a Bikini World" with Deborah Wally.  Pat continues the interview by discussing the genesis of the band "Redbone" and the impact it's had over the years on popular culture.  Plus tune in to hear all about Pat's RADIO SHOW that now airs on CRAGG on Sundays at 5 pm pacific / 8 pm eastern!

If you missed the show, catch it here:

CRAGG Live with Freda Payne - April 22nd, 2017 (Post Show Notes)

CRAGG Live - April 22nd, 2017 (Post Show Notes)

Guest:  Freda Payne

Join us as we chat with the jazz/soul singer Freda Payne, who started out with the likes of Pearl Bailey and later crossed into the pop world with her smash hit "Band of Gold".  Freda joins us to talk about her beginnings in the business and the many people she's worked with over the years, including Sammy Davis Jr. and many many more! 

PLUS stay tuned to hear us discuss new Prince news as we reached the one year anniversary of Prince's passing.  Among the topics, we discuss a recent interview with Morris Day where he shares his remembrances of The Purple One as well as the controversy around a never before heard Prince EP being released... and the legal actions that had the EP pulled from the internet. 

If you missed the show, catch it here:

Thursday, May 4, 2017

CRAGG Live with Tami Stronach & Rolfe Kanefsky - April 15th, 2017 (Post Show Notes)

CRAGG Live - April 15th, 2017 (Post Show Notes)

Guests:  Tami Stronach and Rolfe Kanefsky

The 1980s gave us fantastic fantasy films, and one of the most popular fantasy films we were gifted with was, of course, The Neverending Story.  Join us during this week's edition of CRAGG Live as we chat with child actress Tami Stronach, who fans will remember as the 'childlike Empress' from The Neverending Story.  Find out what it was like working on such a fantastical film at such a young age... and hear all about her life over the years now, in addition to her current projects! 


As an added bonus, stay tuned for our second guest of the evening, writer/director Rolfe Kanefsky.  Returning CRAGG Live guest Rolfe Kanefsky has an amazing resume and joins us to update us on his latest films "The Black Room" and "Party Bus to Hell" starring Tara Reid!

If you missed the show, catch it here:

CRAGG Live with Sharon Smyth Lentz - April 8th, 2017 (Post Show Notes)

CRAGG Live - April 8th, 2017 (Post Show Notes)

Guest:  Sharon Smyth Lentz

In 1966 a new type of 'soap opera' graced the television airwaves with the arrival of the gothic romance "Dark Shadows", courtesy of Dan Curtis Productions.  Join us as we spend approximately an hour chatting with one of the youngest and most memorable members of the original Dark Shadows television series; Sharon Smyth Lentz, known fondly by DS fans as Barnabas Collins' ghostly little sister Sarah Collins.  Sharon shares with us her experiences as a young child actress who joined the show cast in the 2nd season of the series' run.  Listen in as Sharon talks about all things Dark Shadows from working with Dan Curtis and Jonathan Frid, to what it was like playing a 'dead little girl' when she herself was a very young age.  What does Sharon think of the Dark Shadows legacy and the fans?  Listen in to find out!

If you missed the show, catch it here:

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

CRAGG Live April Fool's Show - April 1st, 2017 (Post Show Notes)

CRAGG Live - April 1st, 2017 (Post Show Notes)
April Fool's Day Show

To ring in the April, we celebrate the day of the fools!  Join us for our 4 hour April Fool's Day episode of CRAGG Live which features all comedy, parody, bizzare, absurd, hilarious and hysterical songs, comedy routines and bits!  Plus, to mix it up a bit, we even go 'old school' and play some vinyl 33 & 1/3 comedy albums, on the air... while live!  If that's not enough to make you laugh, we also discuss the origins of April Fool's Day, and spend some time searching for the most popular, and most bizarre, April Fool's Day Pranks!

If you missed the show, catch it here:

CRAGG Live with Bobby Rydell - March 18th, 2017 (Post Show Notes)

CRAGG Live - March 18th, 2017 (Post Show Notes)
Guest:  Bobby Rydell

Tune in as we chat with 1950s/1960s teen idol, singer, musician and author Bobby Rydell.  We discuss everything from his big hits like "Wild One", "The Cha Cha Cha" and more to his legacy (including being referenced in "Grease")!  Plus, hear about his autobiography and his upcoming appearances!  Of course, you can find out details about upcoming appearances on his website HERE!

*Bobby Rydell & Annette Funnicello

If you missed the show, catch it here:

Friday, April 28, 2017

CRAGG Live with Sherilyn Fenn - March 11th, 2017 (Post Show Notes)

CRAGG Live - March 11th, 2017 (Post Show Notes)
Guest: Sherilyn Fenn

In the early 1990s, film genius (and part madman) David Lynch brought Twin Peaks to network television and shattered the stereotype of what a TV show could and couldn't do.  25 (ish) years later, Twin Peaks is returning to television... and on the brink of its return, we chat with actress, author & advocate Sherilyn Fenn.  Sherilyn, who played the sassy and always getting into mischief Audrey in the original series, joins us to discuss her work in Twin Peaks (both the original and the upcoming new series) and working with David Lynch.  In a candid interview that lasts over an hour, Sherilyn also shares stories with us from her life and career, including her close friendship with Prince, her work as an author and her acting in so many major projects, including the critically acclaimed "Boxing Helena", where she was directed by David Lynch's daughter, Jennifer Lynch.  Make sure to visit Sherilyn's new website at:

If you missed the show, catch it here:

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

CRAGG Live with Susan Jacks - March 4th, 2017 (Post Show Notes)

CRAGG Live - March 4th, 2017 (Post Show Notes)
Guest: Susan Jacks of The Poppy Family

This week singer, songwriter & music producer Susan Jacks joins us to talk about her amazing career.  Susan discuss her early beginnings singing as a solo act when she had a chance meeting with a guitar player by the name of Terry Jacks.  Together, they not only had a marriage, but formed the '70s pop group "The Poppy Family".  Susan talks about their famed songs like "Which Way You Goin' Billy", "That's Where I Went Wrong", "Shadows on the Wall" and more.  Susan also shares candid details with us about her divorce, the dissolution of The Poppy Family, her solo singing & producing career, and even her health challenges that often brought her near to death.  Make sure to visit Susan Jacks online HERE!

If you missed the show, catch it here:

CRAGG Live with Sean Whalen - February 25th, 2017 (Post Show Notes)

CRAGG Live - February 25th, 2017
Guest: Sean Whalen

Join us as we interview our guest actor, writer, director & acting coach Sean Whalen.  Sean joins us to talk about crashing onto the acting scene with his national commercial for the "Got Milk?" campaign, where he played a history buff who could've won a ton of money in a radio trivia contest... if only he didn't have a mouth full of peanut butter!!  Sean also talks candidly about his memorable role as Roach from The People Under The Stairs and working on blockbusters like Twister.  Finally, Sean updates us on what he's up to now, including being an acting coach and working on his own new crowd funded film "Crust".  Make sure to visit Sean on FB, HERE!

If you missed the show, catch it here:

Thursday, April 20, 2017

CRAGG Live with Ferd & Beverly Sebastian and Rachel Wise - February 18th, 2017 (Post Show Notes)

CRAGG Live - February 18th, 2017

Guests: Ferd & Beverly Sebastian, and Rachel Wise


This weekend as we celebrated Valentine's Day 2017 by talking with returning Cult Radio guests Ferd & Beverly Sebastian, the writing/directing cult movie power couple who brought us drive-in movie classics like Gator Bait (with Claudia Jennings), The Single Girls, The Hitchhikers, and so many more!


Ferd & Bev joined us for approx an hour and discussed everything from working with Claudia Jennings (and her mysterious passing... which may or may not have been an accident) and what it was like working in the industry back in the day to what their both up to now, including Ferd's work in spreading the word of God, Bev's work with rescuing and saving retired greyhound dogs, and even their new YouTube channel where you can find most of their films!  Check out their YouTube channel HERE

Our second guest for the evening is singer and CRAGG pal, Rachel Wise.  Join us as we spend over an hour chatting with Rachel about her life, her career, her music, and her band, Rachel Wise & The Guys.  Plus as an added bonus, hear some cover tracks with the amazing Rachel on lead vocals!  Visit Rachel on Facebook HERE

If you missed the show, catch it here: