Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Grab Bag Episode 103 - WYBR Elvis Special Featuring Terry DuFoe as A GUEST

Grab Bag Episode 103

WYBR (AM/FM) King Midas Show- Elvis Special Edition
Hosted by King Midas, Featuring Terry DuFoe as a guest! (1977)

This week we offer you Grab Bag Episode 103:
A radio show/Elvis special from the late 1970s from WYBR AM/FM Radio, out of Belvedere, Illinois.  WYBR, aka Yellow Brick Road Radio, was a radio station located in the Cherry Vale Mall and was completely Wizard of Oz themed.  Visitors to the mall would walk through the enchanted forest, see the Wizard of Oz characters, and wind up at an observation window where they could watch the DJs and guests live on the air!  

This particular radio special from WYBR was hosted by "King Midas" (circa 1977 / 1978) featuring guests:

Terry DuFoe -
Host of WLUV's Elvis Memories of the King, sharing rare Elvis records, a poem written by Terry's mother Eva, for Elvis, and other fan letters for/about/in tribute to Elvis

Mike Keating -
From the Elvis Chicago Style Fan Club

Tom Weigel -
From Milwaukee, WI, publisher of The Presley Press (an Elvis publication Terry used to write for)

NOTE:  This GRAB BAG episode is taken from an old 1970s 8-track tape.  You will hear warbles, some static and/or dead air where audio drops.  This is because of the age of the source material. We have done our best to digitally remaster and save this rare audio, but please understand that it will not be the same pristine audio quality that you may hear from a digital audio master. 

Grab Bag Episode 103 will air on Cult Radio A-Go-Go! on Saturday February 25th, 2017 starting at approximately 7 pm pacific / 10 pm eastern.  

Listen by going to www.cultradioagogo.com

If you missed Grab Bag #103, you can hear it here:

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