Friday, April 28, 2017

CRAGG Live with Sherilyn Fenn - March 11th, 2017 (Post Show Notes)

CRAGG Live - March 11th, 2017 (Post Show Notes)
Guest: Sherilyn Fenn

In the early 1990s, film genius (and part madman) David Lynch brought Twin Peaks to network television and shattered the stereotype of what a TV show could and couldn't do.  25 (ish) years later, Twin Peaks is returning to television... and on the brink of its return, we chat with actress, author & advocate Sherilyn Fenn.  Sherilyn, who played the sassy and always getting into mischief Audrey in the original series, joins us to discuss her work in Twin Peaks (both the original and the upcoming new series) and working with David Lynch.  In a candid interview that lasts over an hour, Sherilyn also shares stories with us from her life and career, including her close friendship with Prince, her work as an author and her acting in so many major projects, including the critically acclaimed "Boxing Helena", where she was directed by David Lynch's daughter, Jennifer Lynch.  Make sure to visit Sherilyn's new website at:

If you missed the show, catch it here:

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