Tuesday, May 30, 2017

CRAGG Live with Thomas Graham & George McGowarn - May 20th, 2017 (Post Show Notes)

CRAGG Live - May 20th, 2017 (Post Show Notes) 

Guests:  Thomas Graham & George McGowan

 Cult Radio offers yet another special themed show this week as we focus in on the world of classic horror & monsters!  Listen in to hear our all classic horror and movie monster themed show as we play ghoulish grooves during the entire four hour show, plus offer monstrous guests to boot!

As we journey down the cavernous dungeons of horror movie monsters, films and collectibles, we make our first interview stop with guest Thomas Graham, author of the book "Aurora Model Kits with Polar Lights, Moebius, Atlantis".  In its 3rd edition, this book provides a candid history of the Aurora Plastics Corporation and a collectors guide to all Aurora Model kits, including the originals and the reissues, and what their values are in present day.  A must have for ALL model kit and figure kit aficionados.  Click HERE to read reviews of the book and find out how to get your own copy today!  To go RIGHT to the interview with Thomas Graham (only), click HERE.

For those of you who's avid collecting includes but goes way beyond model/figure kits, our second guest for the evening will satiate your monster kid thirst.  Listen in as we are joined by collector extraordinaire George McGowan of www.CollectingClassicMonsters.com  George chats with us for approximately a monster about being a monster kid himself and the ins and outs of... well... collecting classic monsters!  We discuss everything from rare and ultra valuable collectible items to the state of horror films (and remakes) today.  To listen to George's interview directly without listening through the entire show, click HERE.
Plus, make sure to tune in throughout for the rest of the show to hear additional segments like:
  • Ghosty's weekly segment (coming to you this week with a mini-Retro Radio Diner featuring Rachel Wise) 
  • Pickel's Picks with this week's review of "The Last Survivors" (2014)

If you missed the show, catch the entire show here:

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